Aggregate Industries' landscaping business launches its first low carbon paving range

Quarry Products / April 2, 2021
By Guy Woodford
Aggregate Industries' brand Bradstone's Old Town ECO Evolve

UK building materials supplier Aggregate Industries has launched its debut low carbon paving range under its domestic landscaping brand, Bradstone, as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable construction. 

Work is now underway to bring all wet-cast paving products into a new Bradstone ECO range. The first products awarded ECO status are now available and benefit from an improved design mix using more sustainable materials. 

This has been achieved through improvements in manufacturing and design mix to help reduce each of the Bradstone ECO products' carbon footprint by more than 20% compared to previous versions of the product. A typical patio measuring 30m2 will produce up to 66kg less carbon during manufacture than the old mix design, equivalent to the CO2 reduction generated by three mature trees over one year. 

Bradstone has also launched a new ECO Evolve product design that is more than 35% lower in carbon compared to the previous Old Town product. The paver is lighter and easier to handle and, with its specific laying pattern, is now faster to lay as well. The reduced weight means larger quantities can be transported simultaneously, helping to reduce CO2 emissions further. 

Simon Marriott, managing director of Aggregate Industries' Concrete Products Division, said: "The launch this month of our first complete low carbon paving range is a real milestone and part of a strategic commitment to reduce the carbon footprint across our business. As one of the UK's largest building materials suppliers, we aim to be a leading sustainable business that is contributing to building a greener, smarter world for all.

"Bradstone ECO is just one of many initiatives we are currently implementing to help us achieve our ambitions to be at the forefront of sustainable construction. Furthermore, the launch of our new Old Town ECO Evolve product will help make further reductions to our CO2 emissions.

"The first ECO and ECO Evolve products are now available, and we look forward to bringing the rest of the Bradstone wet cast range into the ECO portfolio over the coming months."

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