Aggregates Europe - UEPG makes history by reappointing Antonis Antoniou Latouros as President for another 3-year term

Quarry Products / June 17, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Aggregates Europe - UEPG has made history by reappointing Antonis Antoniou Latouros as President for another 3-year term

Aggregates Europe—UEPG has made history by announcing Antonis Antoniou Latouros's re-election as President for another three-year term.


The first Aggregates Europe - UEPG president to be elected for a second term, this decision is said to underscore the Association's commitment to continuity and the ongoing development of the European aggregates industry in times of change and the start of a new European Parliament and Commission.


Under Latouros's leadership, Aggregates Europe - UEPG has made significant strides in promoting sustainable practices within the aggregates sector. His re-election comes at a pivotal time as the industry faces numerous challenges and opportunities, including the need for enhanced access to essential mineral resources, environmental sustainability, the further implementation of the circular economy, and

of advanced health and safety standards across Europe.

Antonio Antoniou Latouros on stage at the Aggregates Europe - UEPG Sustainable Development Awards 2022


One of Latouros's primary goals is to bolster the industry's environmental nitiatives. This includes fostering biodiversity around extraction sites and increasing the recycling of aggregates, thereby contributing to the EU's broader environmental and sustainability goals. His vision aligns with the Aggregates Europe – UEPG Roadmap to 2030, which aims to transition the industry towards a more sustainable future through innovative practices and technologies.


Health and safety remain at the forefront of Latouros's agenda. His tenure will focus on promoting fatality prevention initiatives and ensuring rigorous health and safety standards are maintained across all member states. Aggregates Europe - UEPG is committed to achieving a zero-fatality objective, reinforcing the importance of a safe working environment in the industry.


Latouros plans to continue strengthening dialogue with stakeholders, including EU policymakers, environmental NGOs, and local communities. This collaborative approach is essential for addressing the regulatory challenges and ensuring the industry's needs and contributions are recognised at national and European levels.


The re-election of Latouros signals a continuity in the strategic direction of Aggregates Europe - UEPG. Key priorities for his upcoming term include 10 goals as outlined in his Business Plan.


In a press statement, Aggregates Europe - UEPG said: "With a distinguished career in the aggregates industry and extensive experience in environmental and public affairs, Latouros brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to Aggregates Europe - UEPG. His proactive approach and dedication to sustainable development have already set a solid foundation for the future growth and resilience of the industry.

Antonio Antoniou Latouros at one of his Group's Cypriot quarry sites.


"Aggregates Europe - UEPG and its members look forward to the continued leadership of Antonis Antoniou Latouros, confident in his ability to navigate the challenges ahead and to harness the opportunities for sustainable development in the European aggregates industry."


Aggregates Europe – UEPG represents the largest non-energy extractives industry in Europe, with more than 3 billion tonnes of sand, gravel, crushed rock, recycled, manufactured and marine aggregates produced on 26,000 sites across Europe operated by 15,000 companies employing 187,000 people.

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