Bosnia Serb Rep. signs 25-year concession deal with Dacit for andesite quarrying

Bosnia's Serb Republic energy ministry has signed a 25-year concession contract with local company Dacit for the quarrying of andesite, a volcanic rock used in construction and gardening.
Quarry Products / April 21, 2021
By Guy Woodford
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SeeNews reports that Dacit will pay a concession fee representing 5% of the income generated from the exploitation of the Skakavac andesite quarry located near the town of Srebrenica, the Serb Republic's energy ministry said in a statement.

The ministry granted concession rights to Dacit in February this year states SeeNews. The total investment value of the project amounts to KM 313,000 (€160,000).

According to local media reports, the contract stipulates that Dacit is expected to start works at the quarry within 18 months.

The estimated amount of andesite to be produced during the term of the concession is 700,000 cubic metres, news daily Nezavisne Novine reported last Wednesday.

Srebrenica is in the Serb Republic - one of two autonomous entities that form Bosnia and Herzegovina. The other one is the Federation.