Cemex invests in renewable solar energy in Poland as part of 'Future in Action' strategy

Cemex has invested in a new 50kW photovoltaic installation at its ready-mixed concrete production plant in Pruszków, Poland.
Quarry Products / October 11, 2021
By Guy Woodford
Cemex's Pruszków site

This development again demonstrates Cemex's commitment to its ambitious climate goals and Future in Action strategy. Further creative investment opportunities are planned to retrofit and improve production sites with renewable energy sources to power its operations. The plant will use the energy produced at the Pruszków site entirely, reducing its carbon footprint.

Installation of similar facilities is planned at other locations, and Cemex has developed a model for evaluating the efficiency of photovoltaic installations, taking into account individual plants' location and technical conditions.

"Cemex is actively addressing the climate challenge by decarbonising our processes. The key to realising our ambitious goals is finding and implementing new low-emission products as well as more sustainable technologies and construction solutions," says Michał Grys, director of Materials Division at Cemex Poland.

"Photovoltaic farms are another investment by Cemex Poland in renewable energy sources. Currently, much of the electricity used in our aggregate quarries, cement plants and many concrete factories comes from renewable sources."

Cemex continues to offer its customers more sustainable solutions, for example, with low-carbon concrete, Vertua.

The use of Vertua reduces the CO2 in the construction process and helps clients comply with the latest standards and environmental certification requirements for buildings.

The planned further development of the Vertua product portfolio will help achieve Cemex's climate goals and those of its customers.

Cemex has announced its Future in Action strategy, bringing forward its previous targets by five years to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40% globally by 2030 (compared to 1990 emission levels).

In Europe, Cemex is proud to have already lowered CO2 by around 35%. Its European operations plan to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030, in line with the European Union's aspirations.

Cemex will also supply only net-zero CO2 concrete to its customers worldwide by 2050.



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