CEMEX launches Regenera waste management business

CEMEX has announced the launch of Regenera, a business that provides circularity solutions across EMEA, including recovery, management, recycling, and waste co-processing.
Quarry Products / January 27, 2023
By Guy Woodford
CEMEX has launched its Regenera waste management business

Regenera leverages the global building materials giant's substantial international footprint and the ability of its production processes to use non-recyclable waste and industrial byproducts as more sustainable substitutes for fossil fuels and natural raw materials.

Regenera is actively working on several major projects across the CEMEX EMEA region: 

  • In France, Regenera operates a multiservice dock located in an industrial harbour in Paris, offering a wide range of circular economy services to the construction industry. The company receives a variety of materials, including construction debris, excavated material and inert soil, which it sorts, processes, and transforms into recycled aggregates or inert material used to restore quarries.
  • In Egypt, Regenera has signed a three-year agreement with the NGO Very Nile to support waste removal efforts from the Nile River. The recovered non-recyclable materials will be used to substitute fossil fuels at CEMEX’s Assiut cement plant, with other materials being recycled or upcycled.

Additional projects are also underway in CEMEX’s wider global business. In Mexico, Regenera is already processing almost two million tons of waste streams per year and is now working with the government of Mexico City on its Zero Waste Plan. Meanwhile, in Colombia, Regenera has signed an agreement to work with Tetrapak, to receive and separate multilayer cartons at its facility and return those that can be reused or recycled.

Sergio Menendez
Sergio Menendez, CEMEX EMEA regional president

Regenera aims to serve a diverse client base which includes industrial, manufacturing, construction and waste collection companies, NGOs, and governments. Regenera provides sustainable solutions for three major waste streams: municipal and industrial, construction, demolition, and excavation (CDEW), and industrial byproducts. 

Sergio Menendez, regional president for CEMEX EMEA, said: “Growing a circular economy is a key pillar of our dedicated climate action strategy, Future in Action, as it not only reduces waste being sent to landfill but also helps to preserve natural resources and reduce emissions. The launch of Regenera is, therefore, the latest step in our efforts to be a net-zero CO2 company globally by 2050.

“We believe that CEMEX and other companies in the building materials industry can be a major contributor to a more circular society, and our role in utilising waste and byproducts is key to a greener economy.” 

CEMEX’s Future in Action programme is pioneering ways to increase the use of waste and residues as alternative raw materials and fuels. The company says it is committed to achieving true carbon neutrality at the forefront of the circular economy in the construction value chain.

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