Make mineral products a priority in manifesto pledges - MPA

The trade body for one of the UK’s most important foundation sectors has called on all political parties to adopt its policy proposals in their election manifestos to boost growth and speed up decarbonisation.
Quarry Products / June 6, 2024
By Guy Woodford
The MPA's 'Priorities for the Next Government' document. Pic: MPA

Following the announcement of a general election on Thursday 4th July, the Mineral Products Association (MPA) pushed out its seminal Priorities for the Next Government document to party manifesto writing teams as well as key ministers, shadow ministers, other political leaders and advisers.


The MPA document stresses that getting the policy framework right for producers of mineral products like aggregates and concrete will directly help the next Government deliver housing, renewable energy infrastructure, transport improvements and support wider economic growth.


Based around three key themes – competitive industrial decarbonisation, planning reform and better delivery of major projectsPriorities for the Next Government sets out straightforward policies to ensure the industry can efficiently meet the UK’s 400 million tonne-a-year demand for mineral products over the next five years and beyond.


Robert McIlveen, Director of Public Affairs at MPA, said: “All parties will make pledges on housing, infrastructure, nature and climate, so it’s vital that they understand the materials needed to actually deliver what they promise. Our policy proposals will enable producers to invest with confidence to ensure a resilient supply chain for the economy.


“We are closely monitoring the election and stand ready to welcome positive policy announcements and equally to defend our industry, if needed, from any misguided policies or opinions. We are especially engaging directly with candidates in those constituencies where our industry is most active up and down the country.


“Whoever is in Government after the general election will do themselves – and the country as a whole – a big favour if they work in partnership with the mineral products industry to deliver their goals.”


Among the MPA’s priorities are the delivery of a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in 2026; tackling the high costs of electricity and new connections for industrial customers; streamlining the planning process by reforming the relationship between planning and permitting; delivering a suitable metric for biodiversity net gain in the industry; and requiring material supply audits for major projects to support the industry’s work planning ahead for investment.


Priorities for the Next Government is available at:

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