Marshalls & SigmaRoc announce strategic collaboration to deliver new ultra-low carbon product portfolio

Marshalls and SigmaRoc have entered into a strategic collaboration to develop ultra-low carbon technology within the concrete building materials sector.
Quarry Products / September 13, 2021
By Guy Woodford
Marshalls and SigmaRoc's strategic collaboration will develop ultra-low carbon technology within the concrete building materials sector

The collaboration aims to share learnings in applying current technologies while developing new low carbon production methods.

It will enable Marshalls to develop low-carbon alternatives to its existing products in an increasingly environmentally conscious market. It also represents a further step in SigmaRoc's journey to increase access to ultra-low carbon construction products following the world's first cement-free block launch in 2021. It also reinforces its commitment to manufacturing a cement-free alternative to every product within its precast product group from January 2022.

Nick Jowett, technical director at Marshalls, adds: "Marshalls has long fostered a culture of progressive innovation combined with a commitment to not only meet the urban environment challenges of today's generation but to build a better world for the next.

"By entering into a collaboration with SigmaRoc, we envisage being able to give our customers the opportunity to use an ultra-low carbon alternative to a variety of traditional hard landscaping and construction products. We aim to significantly lessen the long-term environmental impact of hard landscaping solutions in alignment with our ambitious ESG targets."

Michael Roddy, managing director of SigmaRoc, comments: "With the construction industry increasingly recognising the importance of integrating low-carbon alternatives into future ways of working, we are delighted to begin our strategic collaboration Marshalls.

"To date, SigmaRoc has focussed on developing scalable, low-carbon solutions for major infrastructure work. However, we recognise that residential and urban environment projects represent a significant portion of UK construction activity, so we are excited at the prospect of working alongside Marshalls to help develop these solutions. Ultimately we see the collaboration as another stepping stone in our commitment to invest, improve, integrate and create a sustainable future for construction."

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