MPA launches new mineral products website

A new website for the mineral products industry has been launched by the Mineral Products Association (MPA).
Quarry Products / February 19, 2021
By Liam McLoughlin
The new website is now live
The new website is now live

The newly-designed site sets out the latest facts and figures that demonstrate the importance of mineral products, providing an overview into an industry that represents the biggest flow of materials in the economy. The MPA says that it addresses key issues throughout the website – from safety campaigns to climate change – and visitors can access key publications to learn about a range of topics.
The concrete and cement industry’s Roadmap to Beyond Net Zero Carbon by 2050 is explained in detail. In addition, the unique contribution to biodiversity made by MPA member companies, in partnership with nature conservation organisations, can be accessed through videos in the Quarries & Nature area. Elsewhere the site features latest industry news and forthcoming events, along with MPA membership and governance information.
MPA chief executive Nigel Jackson commented: “The new website gives us a fresh platform to reiterate the essentiality of mineral products, the importance of our industry to other sectors and the economy as a whole, and the excellent progress we are making to deliver solutions that underpin the UK economy and support long-term sustainability.
“Now the site is live we will keep the new it topical and fleet-footed."

He said that the site will continue to evolve with ever more dynamic content, adding that the MPA welcomes contributions and suggestions from its members.

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