Atlantic Pumps enters strategic patrnership with Kronoa Engineered Solutions

Atlantic Pumps, a UK-based pump solutions provider and manufacturer, has entered a strategic partnership with Kronoa Engineered Solutions, a renowned manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain.
Dewatering Pumps / July 10, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Atlantic Pumps' Toro PC pump. Pic: Atlantic Pumps

This collaboration aims to improve the quality of progressive cavity pumps and grinders available to various sectors, including quarries, biogas, water and recycling. 

Through the Toro brand, Atlantic Pumps will now offer an extended range of progressive cavity pumps powered by Kronoa to meet its customers' diverse needs. 

Atlantic Pumps' international heritage and in-house team of experts will advise you on the pumping needs and requirements for your business, providing timely, responsive solutions, strong customer service, operational efficiency and valued engineering techniques. 

With over 25 years of experience, Kronoa has developed a high-quality range of progressive cavity pumps for maintenance-free operation, solving the problems encountered in various installations. Manufactured entirely in the European Union, Kronoa's products are recognised for their exceptional mechanical robustness, high reliability and minimal maintenance costs. 

These progressive cavity pumps are designed to exceed industry standards and offer superior performance and durability, making them an ideal choice for demanding applications. 

This strategic alliance leverages Atlantic Pumps' and Kronoa's strengths by combining Atlantic Pumps' extensive market presence and expertise with Kronoa's innovative engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Together, they are setting new standards in the pump industry and providing customers with advanced, reliable, cost-effective products that improve operational efficiency and sustainability.

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