BDA introduces new audit procedure

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is launching a new procedure for applications and submissions to its BDA Audit, and is also introducing a new audit management structure.
Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / September 9, 2020
By Liam McLoughlin
The BDA says a new online form will streamline the audit application process
The BDA says a new online form will streamline the audit application process

The drilling industry association says that the key difference in the new procedure is how a company will now apply for audit. Specifically, once a company decides that they would like their drilling crews to be audited, they will simply fill out an online audit application form via the BDA website, ensuring that all the required documents and certificates are included. Upon receipt of the audit application form, one of the BDA’s auditors will contact the company directly to schedule the audit.

The change follows a consultation process involving the BDA chair and committees, its currently approved auditors, and other involved parties, which decided that administration and quality assurance of the BDA Audit needed urgently addressing.

After a selection process, the BDA has now confirmed that these services will be provided by geotechnical training company Equipe Group.

Equipe director and BDA stalwart Keith Spires will head up the administration process team and provide quality assurance for all audits. The audit content and development will be handled by the BDA health & safety committee, along with the BDA’s currently approved auditors Lee Allardyce, Philip Dainton and Andrew Frogley.

The BA commented: "This will be a concerted, collaborative team effort to increase the quality, consistency, and robustness of the BDA Audit. It is also intended that the entire audit become third-party externally verified and accredited by a prominent UK awarding body within the near future."

The BDA Audit itself will follow the existing procedure, with pre-audit, audit and post-audit steps. Full details can be found in the BDA Audit Handbook which will be provided to all auditees and employers and will soon be available for download from the BDA website.

The BDA says the new online form will streamline the audit application process and will be welcomed by companies looking to undertake its audits.

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