Epiroc Grey line: A new range of drilling tools optimised for quarrying and constructiol

Epiroc has launched a Grey line drill bits range specifically developed for European quarrying and surface construction drilling conditions.
Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / December 14, 2023
By Guy Woodford
An Epiroc Grey line tophammer rod. Pic: Epiroc

Manufactured with high-quality steel, Epiroc Grey line helps increase rock drilling efficiency and is ideal for less demanding rock conditions.

The launch of the company's new drill bits is a rebranding of Epiroc's previous product line, Essential. Epiroc Grey line products are recommended for customers who want to optimise their cost per meter in less demanding rock conditions. Primarily designed for surface construction and quarrying applications, the products perfectly match drill rigs in this segment. Where the balance between drilling economy, less downtime, quality and reliability are in focus.

Epiroc Grey Line products
Epiroc Grey line tophammer products. Pic: Epiroc

The new drill bits are compatible with Epiroc's industry-standard T-thread drill string. They can be used on the Epiroc Yellow line rods and other manufacturers' rods using the same common thread type.

"With the new Epiroc Grey line bits, we have a fantastic opportunity to supply the surface construction segment with a product that will boost productivity but also provide the lowest cost per meter," says Johan Thenor, Head of Product Marketing – Tophammer Grey Line Products, Epiroc

The Epiroc Grey line drill string will be manufactured in four different locations, ensuring availability and making it more accessible to customers around the world.

"By utilising our global manufacturing footprint in the best way possible, we can ensure we produce closer to the market and secure product availability," Thenor continues.

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