Normet continues to invest in electrification technology & becomes minority shareholder of Finland-based startup Lekatech

Normet has become a minority shareholder in Lekatech as it continues its journey towards a digitalised and sustainable underground mining and tunnelling product future.
Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / January 24, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Lekatech’s novel innovation, fully electric hammer supports Normet’s ambition on electrification of all underground processes. Pic: Lekatech

Since 2018, Normet has collaborated with Finnish firm Lekatech, a startup committed to revolutionising hammering technologies. Lekatech believes that as the carrier machines transform to electric, direct electric drive is also the future in hammering. Normet's minority shareholder investment supports the continued growth of Lekatech and the commercialisation of its cutting-edge, fully electric hammers.

“Our goal is to zero out the CO2 emissions of impact hammers used in the mining and construction industry,” says CEO Antti Anttila at Lekatech.

Normet’s comprehensive Normet SmartDrive battery-electric offering will soon be complemented with fully electric scaling machine. Pic: Normet

Lekatech’s ambition supports Normet’s continued progress in mining electrification. The fully electric hammer combined with Normet SmartDrive battery-electric architecture will shape the future of underground scaling and breaking.

“Lekatech’s technology enables a quantum leap in hammering energy efficiency and impact performance. The hammer being a digital platform enables intelligent control features that just were not possible before”, says Samu Kukkonen, technology director at Normet.

Lekatech’s groundbreaking fully electric hammer is up to 60% more efficient than a conventional hydraulic hammer providing significant energy savings while doubling impact force. A fully electric hammer enables continuous digital development.

“Cooperation with Normet has been natural from the beginning. Normet really understands how to introduce high technologies to global market. I appreciate Normet’s practical and entrepreneurial culture and solid technical know-how. Normet is committed to being a technology leader in its area of expertise”, says Tuomo Peltola, founder of Lekatech.