MB Crusher big on Indian recycling

An MB Crusher BF90.3 bucket installed on a Hitachi Zaxis 220LC excavator is said to be providing significant support to a well-known East India-based quartz mines and quarries owner.
Crushing Static & Mobile / January 31, 2020
ID 129331137 ©   | Dreamstime.com
ID 129331137 © | Dreamstime.com

The multi-site entrepreneur supplies quartz products to famous steel manufacturers including Tata Steel, JSW, Bhushan Steel, and Vedanta, which the firms use in manufacturing iron ore.

Prior to installing the BF90.3 bucket on their Hitachi excavator, labourers were being drafted in to manually break the quartz material but were unable to meet daily 50-60-tonne production requirements, due to its hard nature.

Now, thanks to MB Crusher, the owner of the quarries and mines has found an alternative solution which is not only helping him reduce the time taken to produce crushed quartz materials, but also making it more profitable by raising production levels to meet overseas demand.

MB Crusher’s quarry-tailored attachments are suited for operations in steep and uneven areas. They are said by the Italian manufacturer to require simple and rapid maintenance, which can be carried out directly by excavator operators on-site, guaranteeing problem-free production.

Thanks to exclusive and patented ‘Made in Italy’ technology, MB Crusher units can process all extracted material, in order to render it reusable directly onsite. The precision of production allows for materials which were previously destined solely for disposal to be processed in calibrated batches, which can be resold or reused onsite leaving the mineral balance of the quarry unaltered.