Mellott launches HMI system

Mellott has developed a new HMI (human machine interface) system that includes a redundant pushbutton control to operate independently of the screen if needed.
Crushing Static & Mobile / January 14, 2022
By Ben Spencer
Mellott human machine interface system Mellott mobile crushing over the road units
This upgrade will be available on all future Mellott Mobile Crushing over the road units (© Vicyphoto |

Tony Valente, director of technical training operations at Mellott University says: “This upgrade will be available on all future Mellott mobile crushing over the road units.”

Chris Mellott, engineer at Mellot says: “We introduced our new control panel for our MC (Mobile Crushing) equipment line. This panel is now utilising a PLC system to control plant functions and offers us fully automated startup of our primary and closed-circuit portable plants, as well as troubleshooting advantages for our crushing crews and service technicians. We are excited about this addition to our MC equipment line; it will simplify plant start up and troubleshooting for our customers moving forward.”

Mellott says training was required to familiarise operators and technicians with the operation of the new HMI main and sub screens.

The training was conducted by Mellott's programming engineer and recorded for future trainings.

According to Mellott, this upgrade will deliver opportunities for customers using the over the road mobile units that Mellott manufactures onsite.


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