Hundred up for Metso Outotec LCS contracts for Indian aggregates customers

Metso Outotec has passed the milestone of 100 Life Cycle Services (LCS) contracts for aggregates customers in India.
Crushing Static & Mobile / December 7, 2020
By Guy Woodford
A Metso Outotec India LCS customer site

The customer base covers large and mid-size quarries and aggregates contractors. The first LCS contracts in India were signed in 2004, and the number of contracts has grown significantly in recent years.

The Life Cycle Services concept covers the entire after-market portfolio, including sustainable wears and spares, and solutions to improve Metso Outotec customers’ business performance. Life Cycle Services offering from scheduled inspections to complex process optimisation efforts is designed to help the company's customers to get the most out of their valuable assets while improving safety and reliability.

Through the programmes, Metso Outotec supports customers in ensuring safety and environmental performance, improving reliability and production performance to achieve higher production and resource efficiency, and optimising the total cost of ownership. All Metso Outotec programmes are customisable to meet the customers’ specific needs.

“We are very proud that our customers continuously trust us. The important milestone achieved in India clearly shows that our flexible, and customer-oriented concept answers to customers’ requirements to get the best value from their assets and operations over the life cycle,” says Kamal Pahuja, head of India and Middle East market area, Metso Outotec.

Currently, Metso Outotec has totally more than 400 long-term service agreements globally, of which about 230 are signed with aggregates customers and more than 170 contracts with mining customers. Metso Outotec has been offering innovative Life Cycle Services for over ten years.

“The development of the offering further is one of the strategic priorities for us. We are focusing on improving customer’s business performance, increased sustainability and digitalisation,” says Annami Toukoniitty, senior vice president, Integrated Services Solutions, Metso Outotec. 

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