Terex MP offers ORBCOMM telematics to global customers

Terex Materials Processing (Terex MP) is to offer ORBCOMM’s factory-installed LTE telematics solution as standard across several of its brands across India and other global markets, including India and various other Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries as well as Australia.
Crushing Static & Mobile / September 21, 2021
By Liam McLoughlin
The ORBCOMM telematics solution is intended to offer Terex MP customers deeper insights into how their machines and fleets are performing
The ORBCOMM telematics solution is intended to offer Terex MP customers deeper insights into how their machines and fleets are performing

The Orbcomm telematics solution will be offered on equipment from Terex MP brands including Powerscreen, Finlay, Terex and EvoQuip, that are produced at the Terex MP manufacturing facility in Hosur, India.

US-based ORBCOMM says the extension of Terex MP’s telematics offering to equipment manufactured at Hosur will broaden distribution of the latest ORBCOMM LTE telematics device and next-generation data reporting and analytics platform, FleetEdge 4, to new geographies for Terex MP heavy equipment.

Working together using ORBCOMM’s connectivity and data acquisition capabilities, Terex MP can monitor various types of heavy machinery, increase operational efficiency and provide what are claimed to be significant cost savings to their customers.

Terex MP customers will gain deeper insights into how their machines and entire fleets are performing through dynamic dashboards, filters and custom reports. With access to increased data and advanced analytics, ORBCOMM says Terex MP customers can more effectively manage preventive maintenance, optimize fuel consumption and increase asset utilization.

“We’ve built a long-standing, highly successful relationship with Terex MP, and our expansion into their manufacturing facility in India not only complements our existing offering, but also represents an exciting opportunity to broaden ORBCOMM’s market reach across new geographies for Terex MP machinery,” said Christian Allred, ORBCOMM’s executive VP of global sales. “With ORBCOMM’s enhanced FleetEdge4 platform, Terex MP customers around the world can utilize our advanced analytic, predictive and diagnostic tools to access deep data insights for every type of machinery, optimising fleet management, uptime and performance.”

Paul Morris, telematics manager for Terex MP, added: “ORBCOMM’s leading telematics solutions are integral to our business and provide significant value to Terex MP customers by helping them monitor and manage their fleet remotely and grow their business.

“We look forward to continuing to work and collaborate with ORBCOMM on technology innovation, including expanded machine data collection and more robust analytics, to support the future needs of our global customer base.”

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