Kleemann impact crusher and screening plant impress in Istanbul Financial Centre (IFC)

Kleemann's MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 mobile impact crusher and MOBISCREEN MSS 802i EVO mobile scalping screen are producing material for concrete production and road substructures in Istanbul Financial Centre (IFC).
Screening Static & Mobile / July 5, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Kleemann's MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 mobile impact crusher and MOBISCREEN MSS 802i EVO mobile scalping screen at work in Istanbul. Pic: Kleemann

The Kleemann plant duo will be in operation in the financial heart of the Turkish megacity for around one-and-a-half years and will process approximately a million tons of excavated material on a building site. At this location, in the middle of a dense development, flexibility is required, both in view of the special surroundings and the material. The excavated material is processed directly on-site with the two Kleemann plants, and some of it is combined with other materials.

Feyzullah Kahraman, Managing Director of Safir Proje, is very happy with his new Kleemann plants. Pic: Kleemann

Depending on the weather, the 0-500/600 mm feed material is at times wet and muddy, at other times dusty and dry. The solution for these changing conditions: In wet weather, the MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 impact crusher is preceded by the MOBISCREEN MSS 802i EVO scalping screen. It loosens the sludgy material, screens it coarsely and prepares it for feeding to the impact crusher. The first step is not required in dry conditions. The excavated material can then be transferred directly to the impact crusher.

"It has been shown that this combination produces excellent results," says Feyzullah Kahraman, Managing Director of the building company Safir Proje who operate the building site. "We produce grain sizes of 0/30 and 0/60 and, depending on the final product, can achieve an hourly output of 200 to 300 tons with a consumption of 24 litres", explains the business operator. The quality of the final product also meets the requirements for the cubic material very well.

Plant train consisting of MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 and MOBISCREEN MSS 802i EVO during material processing for concrete production and road substances. Pic: Kleemann

The fact that only one machine needs to be refuelled in dry conditions when the impact crusher is running without prescreening is very cost-effective. This lowers the operating costs. Or the scalping screen can then be used for other tasks on the building site. With its proportionally controlled running gear, the MSS 802i EVO can be moved quickly with short set-up times.  

The new Kleemann impact crusher was quick and easy for employees to familiarise themselves with, thanks to the intuitive SPECTIVE operating concept. The favourable ergonomics and easy access to all relevant parts for service and maintenance make the work more efficient. Overall, the close cooperation between the customer and Kleemann proved its worth for the challenging setting – from a consultation at the Göppingen plant to the installation of the system on-site.

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