CDE looking to turn more North American dirt into dollars  

CDE is primed for growth in North America as the region’s customers increasingly look to turn dirt into dollars.
Washing & Water Management / March 16, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Darren Eastwood, CDE business development manager, at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023

With 30 years of experience providing optimised, proven solutions to customers worldwide, Cookstown, Northern Ireland-headquartered CDE’s technologies have successfully diverted over 100 million tonnes of CD&E waste from landfills, while turning construction, demolition and excavation (CD&E) materials into high-specification outputs. 

The company’s AggMax scrubbing and attrition system, its Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU) for density separation and the EvoWash sand classification and dewatering system are among its proven plant solutions. 

“We all understand that the depletion of natural aggregates is happening at a rate that is pretty scary. CDE has proven solutions that will slow that consumption of materials,” said Darren Eastwood, business development director at CDE, during CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023 in Las Vegas.
“We’ve been proving our solutions for the past 20 years, and in the last number of years have brought them to the US and Canadian market. The recycling of inert and contaminated construction, demolition and excavation wastes can make a big difference to the construction industry across those countries, easing the pressure on landfills. It also eases the pressure on the trucking industry, which is often having to shift materials over long distances into cities. Most importantly, it eases the pressure on existing quarries and the valuable precious material that they have. We can also keep required material as close to the demand centre as possible.” 

Eastwood said CDE’s two latest US recycling customer plants have gone live in California and Pennsylvania. The California plant is the first CDE sale in the Golden State. It will treat and process a variety of construction and demolition wastes. “This will make a big difference to the circular economy there. It will produce dependable recycled products for surrounding cities while doing away with the need for excessive long-distance trucked materials supply. It will also have a big impact in lowering the cost per tonne of production and in the gas trucks need to use. 

“The Pennsylvania facility is a stone’s throw from a city centre. It will be producing C33 [product] and a range of aggregates.”    

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