Expanding SRC opts for CDE Infinity Screens in new wet processing plant

SRC Aggregates has opted for Infinity Screens in newly commissioned plant from CDE, a world-leading wet processing company, and is set to upgrade its existing plant with the addition of the patented product.
Washing / May 28, 2019
Oliver Rees.jpg
SRC MD Oliver Rees agrees the new CDE Infinity Screens installation

SRC has been a CDE customer for around 10 years and has recently ordered two new CDE plants to add to its existing five. The largest of these - a 135 tonnes/hour turnkey operation to be installed in Colchester, Essex - will incorporate five Infinity Screens.

CDE launched its Infinity Screens range to the market after securing a global patent for the construction of the screen sidewalls. The range has been a significant success, with customers valuing the durability and prolonged operational life of the products. This results from their unique construction, with no welds in the sidewalls, which makes them fundamentally different from other screens available.

Oliver Rees, managing director of SRC Aggregates, says: “One of our existing plants incorporates two CDE H2-60 horizonal sizing screens from the Infinity Screens™ range which we have been extremely impressed with, in part because of the Trilogy side wall design which is lighter and enables a more efficient transfer of energy to the material. The energy and motion of the screen also produces a cleaner and better-graded material. When we were ordering two new plants, it was an easy decision to make to opt for Infinity Screens and we are currently also working with CDE with a view to upgrading the screens in our existing plants that currently have traditional welded screens,” he says.

Infinity Screen
A VibroSync motor bridge is said to allow for even distribution of power across the full CDE Infinity Screen screening area for superior screening and dewatering

Mark Ballantine, senior product development engineer with CDE, says: “A key intention of the design process was to remove all welds from the construction of screen side walls in order to prolong the operational life of the screen. Successfully overcoming that challenge resulted in CDE obtaining a global patent for the design, which firmly established our credentials in this area, and customers have responded strongly. As a result, we are seeing strong growth in sales of screens. This includes products integrated into modular equipment, but we are also seeing a growing number of customers buying them as stand-alone products, and we expect this to be a trend in the year ahead.”

SRC Aggregates is an independent, family owned business providing a range of materials and services to construction, building and large-scale civil projects. In addition, they operate recycling facilities, specialising in waste disposal services for inert, non-hazardous waste and hazardous materials. The company has experienced significant growth in recent years and expanded to include various with strategic sites across the East of England.

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