Allu launches new crusher bucket range

Finland-based Allu has launched a new range of crusher buckets for 10 to 38 ton machines that can be used in the process of recycling of demolition waste into aggregates.
Ancillary Equipment / March 4, 2021
By Liam McLoughlin
Allu recycles the concrete waste from demolition sites into stone aggregate for reuse
Allu recycles the concrete waste from demolition sites into stone aggregate for reuse

The crusher buckets are adjustable for 13 different discharge sizes and can be used in tandem with Allu's existing range of screening buckets.

The crusher buckets are for use on demolition sites to crush concrete waste. The purpose of the entire process is to recycle concrete waste at Allu into stone aggregate for reuse, replacing the need to use virgin aggregate.

Allu says the advantage of using both solutions side by side is increased capacity and resumed wear and tear for sites, with five times the production rate.

The new crusher range was tested in Finland, with a customer testing the crusher and screener side by side at a demolition site. At this site, 85% percent was screened and also partially crushed through a screener crusher bucket (Allu Transformer DH 3-17 XHD) and only the excess very hard material was crushed with a crusher bucket (Allu Crusher AC 25-37). Allu says it would expect this percentage to be higher in less harsh environments.

Ilpo Ellonen, regional sales manager at Allu Finland, said the demolition concrete was treated after pulverisation with the two Allu buckets. The excess obtained from the screener crusher bucket visible at the front was crushed to a 90mm fraction with a crusher bucket. Thus, a total of about 5,000 tons passed through two buckets.

"The demolition of two two-story (lower floor underground) residential buildings produced a total of about 5,000 tons of concrete," said Ellonen. "The maximum fraction size achieved in the pulverisation was 400 millimeters, which is a maximum good input feed size for the Allu crusher bucket."

The demolition phase of the demolition yard site took a total of three weeks with the concrete waste being recycled by Allu into stone aggregate for reuse.

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