Engcon providing local support this Christmas

Engcon, the Swedish off-highway machine attachment manufacturer, has always taken good care of its employees and its local presence in the areas where the company runs businesses around the world.
Ancillary Equipment / December 11, 2020
By Guy Woodford
Krister Blomgren, Engcon Group CEO

With COVID-19 challenging everyday life for people and businesses, Engcon has chosen to provide local support when its 300 or so employees get their Christmas gifts.

"Just making sure the company and its employees are doing well is not enough; our local communities must also do well if we are to succeed", says Krister Blomgren, CEO, Engcon Group.

Nothing about 2020 turned out the way anyone could have imagined. With a recession on the cards, many were prepared for a tough year right from the beginning, but as it turned out, Covid 19 changed everything. Uncertainty, redundancies and a tougher existence characterised the year. On top of this, restrictions and cutbacks were introduced, and delivery disruptions and a reluctance to invest have made their jobs much more difficult for many. Because Engcon would like to thank its hard-working employees while also doing its bit to support local entrepreneurs wherever Engcon has a presence, this year's Christmas gift to its employees will be local gift cards.

"There's a major need of support and a great willingness on our part to show how grateful we are to both our employees and the local communities where we have a presence. So, we've decided that our Christmas gifts to our employees will 'go local' with the aim of supporting local businesses and companies," says Blomgren.

During the year, its employees gave 100%, which did not go unnoticed, and now Engcon would like to show its gratitude with a Christmas gift that also benefits local communities.

"We're in a position where we can provide support, thanks to the fact that we pulled the handbrake immediately when we saw the year ahead would be shaky. And although things didn't turn out as bad as we first feared, the pandemic and its restrictions and disruptions have presented serious challenges. And our personnel around the world stepped up to meet them 100%. It's something we're truly grateful for," continued Engcon's CEO.

"I'm deeply impressed by our personnel and the way they stepped up to solve the situations that arose. It's also why we decided to thank them with a Christmas gift that's a little larger than usual. They are worth it!"

In practical terms, it means Engcon's employees will receive gift cards valid in retail stores in the communities where Engcon has a presence, instead of making a mass purchase of the same Christmas gift to everyone.

"Just making sure the company and its employees are doing well is not enough; our local communities must also do well if we are to succeed. It feels good to have made this decision", says Blomgren.

Engcon maintains a presence in 12 places, from Strömsund in the north of Sweden and Mennecy in France to Hamden on the other side of the Atlantic in Connecticut, USA. 

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