Kohler Energy mission-critical generators enhanced by sustainable & futureproofed engine design

Ancillary Equipment / July 11, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Power Systems, part of Kohler Energy, has continued the evolution of its KD Series generators with enhanced engine designs. Pic: Power Systems-Kohler Energy

Power Systems, part of Kohler Energy, has continued the evolution of its KD Series generators with enhanced engine designs that offer improved generator performance, reduced emissions, and future readiness for alternative fuels. The continuous improvement of the KD Series family will ensure exceptional capability for end users requiring very large power options for mission-critical applications such as data centres.


The design upgrade for the KD62V12A and KD83V16A engines means generators from the KD2000 to the KD3750 will benefit from improved transient performance, lower NOx, and a weight reduction of around 2000 pounds.


The engine control unit has been moved from the front to the side of the engines for easier access, and the redundant starter configuration has been optimized. These changes support more streamlined generator servicing and reduce the total cost of ownership across the lifecycle.


Power Systems has also meticulously configured the engines to support the future adoption of alternative fuels such as green hydrogen and ammonia, a significant step towards environmental responsibility. This will help support end-users in their strategy to attain Net Zero.


“We are fully committed to continuously improving our KD Series mission-critical generators,” says Nicole Dierksheide, Director of Category Large Engines at Power Systems, Kohler Energy. “These engine enhancements will improve generator performance, reduce complexity, and encourage the transition to more sustainable operations.”


Production of the KD62V12A engine has begun in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and the US. It will power a range of generators from KD2000 to KD2800. Meanwhile, the KD83V16A will provide options from KD3000 to KD3750. Kohler Energy is also developing a V20 derivative that will be launched in 2026.


“Our mission-critical generators already provide exceptional performance in terms of emissions and power density,” adds Nicole. “This latest improvement with futureproofed design provides customers in sectors such as data centres the insurance to make the right choice for today and tomorrow.”

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