Kohler showcases Power Pack engine at Hillhead

US off-road engine manufacturer Kohler is showcasing the Power Pack version of its 1903TCR Stage V model at the Hillhead quarrying equipment event in Derbyshire, UK this week.
Ancillary Equipment / June 23, 2022
By Liam McLoughlin
Kohler is highlighting its 1903TCR Stage V engine in Power Pack version at Hillhead this week
Kohler is highlighting its 1903TCR Stage V engine in Power Pack version at Hillhead this week

Kohler says the engine is an historic member of its KDI line representing the ultimate expression of the company's philosophy: advanced technology with compact and efficient solutions. 

Designed to be integrated into various applications with minimal installation effort, Power Packs possess a quick and easy interface that is designed to significantly reduce customers’ time-to-market due to limited reengineering requirements. 

The turbo-common rail and various ATS system (Kohler Flex solutions) – which can be engine mounted or chassis mounted – meet the diverse emission needs of OEMs worldwide. Even the most demanding applications are met, thanks to an extensive list of options to choose from, such as PTO’s, air filters, and speed controls. The cooling system is designed and built to work in the toughest conditions, ensuring reliability and quality at the highest level.

The Power Pack line has a power range from 19 to 112 kW. The best-in-class engine for its displacement is the KDI 3404, which offers outstanding performance with a maximum power output of 112 kW at 1800 rpm and a maximum torque of 650 Nm at 1400 rpm.

Kohler says that Hillhead also presents an opportunity to highlight the Kohler Rental Partner Program, an ad hoc project that provides participating rental companies with specific training courses, dedicated discounts for the purchase of original spare parts, and access to all aftermarket documentation.

Training meetings are organised with Kohler’s specialised speakers, with in-depth coverage of ordinary maintenance of the various engine families, electronic engine operation, and independent or remotely assisted diagnostics.

The goal of the programme is to lower the total cost of ownership that falls on the rental partner, making it more independent and efficient in the management of its fleet, with the intention of decreasing downtime and making vehicles available for rental as soon as possible.

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