Kohler welcomes new China Tier 4 engine regulation

Off-road engine manufacturer Kohler has welcomed the decision by China to move to the new Tier 4 engine emissions standard.
Ancillary Equipment / March 24, 2021
 Kohler says the Chinese decision is an important step towards worldwide harmonisation of emissions legislation
Kohler says the Chinese decision is an important step towards worldwide harmonisation of emissions legislation

The Chinese authorities have issued an update of the “Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants of Diesel Engines of Non-Road Mobile Machinery” standard, also known as China NRMM Tier 4. The new standard is due to come into force in 2022, and will be implemented on December 1, 2022 for industrial engines with rated powers of <560 kW.

The CCMA (China Construction Machinery Association) recently hosted the Non-road Mobile Machinery Tier 4 Emission Standards Exchange Seminar in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

The summit covered many topics, such as the national environmental protection laws and regulations policy interpretation, the industry situation analysis and the introduction to environmental emissions compliance responsibilities of machinery manufacturers. All major stakeholders of the sector were present, from the relevant government representatives to association leaders, from industry experts to main manufacturers - including Kohler which was invited to present its environmental strategy for the near future.

Kohler says that, on the path towards worldwide harmonisation of emissions legislation, radical changes in engine and drivetrain technology have been driven by the new worldwide standards over the last few years.

The US company adds that its engines have been designed to meet the highest emission standards worldwide, and fully comply with China Tier 4.

“The new China Tier 4 emission standard for non-road mobile machinery sets highly demanding requirements on particulate matter emission," said Li Shaoqi, director of commerce, Kohler Engines Asia Pacific. "Kohler has already upgraded the traditional engine fuel system, intake and exhaust systems and control system, to provide OEMs with fully compliant engines."

Li added: “The upgrade from China 3 to China 4 is much more challenging if compared to the previous from China 2 to China 3, but Kohler, leveraging the experience gained in highly regulated markets, is able to offer enhanced performance, a smart exhaust after-treatment strategy, heavy duty design, as well as guarantee low cost of ownership."

Kohler says that the China Tier 4 emission standard has raised the prospect of a China Tier 5 standard coming into force over the next few years which reflects the European Stage V off-road engine standard.

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