Metso Outotec launches Life Cycle Services programmes for filters to help achieve optimal filtration results

Metso Outotec is launching four progressive Life Cycle Services (LCS) programmes for filtration to help customers overcome operational and process challenges.
Ancillary Equipment / June 17, 2021
By Guy Woodford
Metso Outotec is launching four progressive Life Cycle Services (LCS) programmes for filtration

With the programmes in place, customers can simplify their maintenance, improve filter reliability, minimise downtime, and maximise filter life while achieving the highest productivity for the filters. Life Cycle Services help to improve overall filter reliability, performance, and safety.

“Metso Outotec LCS programmes for filters are designed to optimise operation of the filtration system, to overcome challenges such as failing to reach production targets or suboptimal product quality. Based on many years of experience in designing, building, delivering, operating, and maintaining filters, we know how to get the most from your assets throughout their entire life cycle,” states Tomas Hakala, Metso Outotec SVP, Beneficiation & Dewatering, Services.

LCS programmes for filters in brief: 

1.           Inspections and technical support programme focus on well-executed annual maintenance, resulting in higher filter availability. This programme ensures that equipment condition is well monitored and correct maintenance actions and overhauls are efficiently executed for the highest availability.

2.           Maintenance and reliability programme covers all functional systems of the filter. This programme spreads the complete maintenance activities across shorter, more manageable events on critical systems, ensuring that all-important components and materials are covered.

3.           Rotable filter plate management program optimises costs and ensures the highest level of filter availability while taking complete care of plate and plate pack refurbishments. This programme ensures minimised maintenance times and the lowest sustainable cost amongst the available options for our customers.

4.           Process optimisation programme ensures excellent filter performance and optimised operation of the equipment. This program maximises the productivity and energy efficiency of customers’ filters by addressing specific plant challenges. 

Metso Outotec has the most comprehensive filtration portfolio on the market, with 15 different filter types available for hundreds of applications. Metso Outotec has performed over 14,000 filtration tests and has delivered over 5,000 filters around the world.

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