KEE Surfacing puts its first Lintec CDP continuous asphalt mixing plant to work

Lintec & Linnhoff is continuing its global expansion with the sale of its first Lintec asphalt mixing plant in Australia. The Lintec CDP5001M continuous asphalt mixing plant has already completed its first project and has moved on to its next task, fully utilising the benefits of the built-in chassis facilitating fast remobilisation.
Asphalt Plants, Equipment & Applications / April 4, 2024
By Guy Woodford
KEE Surfacing's new Lintec CDP5001M continuous asphalt mixing plant. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

Acquired by KEE Surfacing, the Lintec CDP5001M was immediately sent to support upgrade work at CBH Group’s Latham grain receival site in Western Australia. Alongside pavement and earthworks construction, KEE Surfacing’s main task involved the conversion of a temporary gravel bulkhead into a permanent 52,400 tonne asphalt open bulkhead. Boosting storage by almost 10,000 tonnes, the Lintec CDP5001M has helped reduce the distance farmers need to travel to deliver their harvest, as well as supported a project to enhance site safety and improve loading and unloading time.

The proud team from Kee Surfacing and Lintec & Linnhoff that worked on the installation of the plant. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

After finishing the job for CBH Group, the mobile plant was then driven 80 km northwest to supply hot-mix asphalt for similar work at the CBH Morawa grain receival site. With two new open bulkheads, this increases total storage capacity by 78,350 tonnes.

“These are just the first of what we expect will be many successful regional projects across Western Australia for our Lintec CDP5001M, thanks to its compact design and easy mobilisation from one site to another,” says Anthony Serpo, production manager, KEE Surfacing. “Our new mobile plant has landed us firmly in the asphalt domain in Western Australia, allowing us to better meet the needs of current and future clients.”

Particularly ideal for short-term projects, the Lintec CDP continuous asphalt mixing plant has been conceptualised for fast, easy setup and dismantling. With no need for concrete foundations, they can be quickly reassembled on compacted ground after arriving on site.

Lintec CDP plants can also be customised to fit the user’s precise needs. For KEE Surfacing’s CDP5001M, the company asked for a couple of adjustments to further improve setup and decommissioning time in line with local requirements.

The Lintec CDP5001M, one of Lintec’s six-model mobile continuous asphalt plant range, offers an impressive 30-50tph output. For the Latham project, this equated to a daily average of 450 tonnes, which ensured the project was completed on schedule. This was despite the rain delays that are an inevitable part of the Western Australian winter.

Alan Ong
Alan Ong, general manager (sales) at Lintec & Linnhoff. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

Consistency of the asphalt was assured using the latest software, including remote access technology, to precisely control the operation of the twin-shaft mixer. Manufactured from highly durable alloy, wear and tear is greatly reduced, ensuring the Lintec CDP5001M enjoys maximum uptime.

“KEE Surfacing has built a deservedly strong reputation across Western Australia, and we’re delighted they have opted for their first Lintec continuous asphalt mixing plant,” said Alan Ong, general manager (sales), Lintec & Linnhoff. “KEE Surfacing has worked on just about every major road project in Western Australia, including the largest in the state’s history. The company is not prepared to accept second-best, which is why they have opted for the quality, performance, and user-friendliness of the Lintec CDP5001M.”

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