Cemex completes improvement programme across rail network

Building materials supplier Cemex has made a considerable investment into its UK rail network, making improvements at several of its depots across the country. 
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / June 1, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
Rail upgrade work has been carried out at Cemex’s Dove Holes, Selby and Bletchley depots
Rail upgrade work has been carried out at Cemex’s Dove Holes, Selby and Bletchley depots

The company says these developments support its efforts to increase the use of rail to move its materials, as part of its Future in Action sustainability strategy.

Work was carried out at Cemex’s Dove Holes, Selby and Bletchley depots, with a particular focus on improving health & safety and efficiency through track and walkway upgrades. This work was all completed in partnership with MLP Railway Maintenance, Cemex’s chosen provider for these developments.

At Selby in North Yorkshire, upgraded track means the site can take an increased number of wagons per train, and complete turnarounds more efficiently and safely, while at Dove Holes in Buxton two reception lines were relayed. Cemex says this was a significant project which required considerable planning and coordination with Network Rail, as the site runs adjacent to the main line.  

The team also collaborated with Network Rail again at Bletchley in Milton Keynes, to implement improved walkways, CCTV and a waterproof display screen for offloading. This allows ground staff to watch the process from outside of the discharge area, reducing noise and dust exposure. 

These three development activities were supported by smaller walkway improvements made at other Cemex rail depots, including Crawley and Stourton. The walkway improvements were completed in collaboration with Network Rail’s Freight Safety Improvement Portfolio and helped to improve the walkways adjacent to Cemex’s that Network Rail is responsible for. Cemex works to an established industry track and walking route standard to ensure a safe and reliable operation for its employees and contractors, while reducing the risk of derailments.  

Mark Grimshaw-Smith, Cemex rail and sea manager, commented: “It’s important that we continue to invest in our rail heads across the UK. This not only ensures that the safety and wellbeing of those who work on our sites is enhanced on an ongoing basis, but it also provides further resilience in the operation, transporting more materials by train and thus taking more trucks off the road."

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