Fuchs starts operating a Liebherr mixing tower

German building company Fuchs has deployed a Liebherr Betomat 5 concrete plant with two high performance mixers. 
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / May 30, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
The Betomat 5 mixing plant features two ring-pan mixers, twelve aggregate chambers and six cement silos
The Betomat 5 mixing plant features two ring-pan mixers, twelve aggregate chambers and six cement silos

The tower is around 32m high and has a storage volume of 875m³ for aggregates in twelve star-shaped chambers. The plant is fed by a galvanised bucket elevator. The material is supplied by a recessed hopper with a volume of 20m³, and this supports the mixing tower's flexibility in use as the aggregates can be filled using both wheel loaders and HGVs as required.

Six cement silos each with a capacity of 120 tonnes form the cement section. One silo is designed with two chambers. Therefore, seven types with a total of 720 tonnes can be stored. The cement screws are controlled by frequency converters to enable precise metering and therefore significant cement and cost savings.

Fuchs employs around 300 people in various locations and is well established both in manufacturing pre-cast concrete parts and concrete goods, as well as in nationwide ready-mixed concrete industry

Johannes Veit, managing partner at Fuchs, explains why the company chose the Liebherr plant: “Thanks to the competent advice and support in planning and implementation right from the beginning, we were immediately impressed by the quality and would build with Liebherr again."

The plant is equipped with two mixer systems to enable concrete production that is adapted to the customer’s requirements. The two Liebherr ring-pan mixers (RIM 2.5-D RIM and RIM 1.5-D) work with double agitator systems. The Liebherr agitator systems enable high concrete quality in short mixing times, as well as an optimised mixture of paint directly in the concrete. The four concrete discharge units also enable maximum flexibility (1 x truck mixer, 2 x handover slides, 1 x belt). Under normal circumstances, the small mixer supplies the prefabrication facility but both mixers can discharge the ready-mixed concrete in the truck mixer if required.

The mixing plant was equipped with the additional options of a colour dosing system, a slewing funnel for HGV discharge or for collecting cleaning water, a high pressure mixer cleaning system and a camera monitoring system.

Fuchs is also using a Liebherr LRS 908 residual concrete recycling plant in addition to the new concrete mixing tower. With a throughput of 12m³ per hour, it processes this material from the mixing plant and truck mixer cleaning system, as well as unused concrete residue. The parts of the prepared material are washed out in a closed material cycle and can therefore be partially reused subsequently.

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