Hoffmann agrees carbon-free cement contract with O.T.E.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, which designs and distributes clinker-free cement,  has signed a three-year commercial partnership with O.T.E, a player in the digital, civil and industrial engineering sectors, for the supply of clinker-free and low energy cement H-EVA SOL.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / October 27, 2022
By Liam McLoughlin
Hoffmann Green will provide O.T.E with its H-EVA SOL carbon-free activated clay-based cement
Hoffmann Green will provide O.T.E with its H-EVA SOL carbon-free activated clay-based cement

Hoffmann Green will provide O.T.E with its carbon-free activated clay-based cement, H-EVA SOL, as part of the Greenpose process co-developed with the company TESMEC, a global solution of optical fibre installation with simultaneous treatment of spoil and backfill. 

In practical terms, from this year until the end of 2024, H-EVA SOL will replace Portland cement in the burial of optical fibres, a rapidly growing market throughout France. This contract with a volume commitment will allow Greenpose to reduce its carbon footprint by 95% compared to the traditional method of micro-driving with concrete backfill using Portland cement.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, commented: “We are proud of the contract signed with O.T.E which allows us to further green their optical burial, a fast-growing market throughout France. Thanks to the use of Hoffmann's clinker-free cements, the carbon footprint of their innovative Greenpose solution will be reduced by 95% compared to a traditional burial method. This partnership with a volume commitment is also a great opportunity to diversify by increasing our presence in the roadworks market and to promote our H-EVA SOL.”

Philippe Todesco president of O.T.E, commented: “The signing of this contract with Hoffmann Green allows us to reduce our carbon footprint from 38 to 2 tons of CO2 per kilometer during the burial of the fibre optic network. Hoffmann's H-EVA SOL cement proved to be the most appropriate and obvious solution to our Greenpose process based on the recycling of materials in place, as this clinker-free cement does not require the use of aggregates in the treatment of soils and thus promotes the preservation of natural resources.”

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