Liebherr and Designwerk develop electric truck mixers

Liebherr and Designwerk have developed fully-electric truck mixers with 10m³ and 12m³ drums on a 5-axle chassis in a key move designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the global concrete supply sector.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / April 2, 2020
By Geoff Hadwick
Liebherr's new fully-electric ETM 1205 truck mixer

Liebherr says the team's new ETM 1005 and 1205 truck mixers transport large quantities of concrete to the construction site quietly and reliably without exhaust emissions. Charging is normally only necessary at night due to the large accumulator capacities, say the manufacturers.

The Futuricum chassis can cope with the weight of the concrete quite easily, they add, and there is an energy recovery system in place so that braking further increases the range of the truck and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

According to the designers: "The drum drive developed by Liebherr and ZF consists of a low-maintenance and efficient unit of electric motor and gearbox. For the first time, both the truck and the truck mixer body are powered jointly by the traction battery, eliminating the need for costly power electronics components."

Also: "The new Liebherr Generation 05 electrified body offers further advantages. The compact electric drive for the mixing drum is flanged directly to the drum and its high efficiency ensures that power consumption for relieving the traction battery of the Futuricum truck remains low. It also eliminates the need for hydraulic equipment - no hose connections, no pump, and therefore no risk of leakage."

There is a "long service life thanks to special wear-resistant steel and the ergonomic design of the operation system and access points," says Liebherr. "A platform system on both sides allows flexible positioning and attachment of accessories or attachments to suit customer requirements." 

The first units to go into operation will work for Holcim and KIBAG in Switzerland.