Partnership for sustainable cement in Vietnam

The Vietnam National Cement Corporation (VICEM) and cement equipment company FLSmidth have started a cooperation to develop new solutions to improve the sustainability of Vietnam's cement sector.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / February 11, 2020
By Liam McLoughlin
The Vietnamese government has set objectives to reduce the environmental impact of cement production
The Vietnamese government has set objectives to reduce the environmental impact of cement production

The two companies say the goal is to implement technologies that radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pioneer solutions for using alternative fuels and improve air quality. 

Vietnam is a fast growing country in terms of cement production with output expected to double in the next ten years, and it is also a big exporter of cement. The Vietnamese government has set objectives to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of its cement production.  
Cement producer VICEM says its ambition is to take an industry leadership role and implement solutions to reduce the environmental impact of cement production. This will specifically focus on reducing the emission of particulate matter, CO2, NOX and SO2 to prevent air, soil and water pollution from waste burning and landfills.  
Late last year, FLSmidth announced its ambition to enable cement companies to operate with zero emissions by 2030. This would be achieved by increased investment in R&D solutions and the acceleration of new technology already in the R&D pipeline.   
A key focus of the cooperation will be on the utilisation of municipal and other waste streams as alternative fuel sources to prevent, for example, air pollution from waste burning. While management of waste is a growing concern in Vietnam, FLSmidth says it is developing solutions that enable a 100% switch to alternative fuels, which can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 33%. Other areas of the partnership will focus on solutions related to energy efficiency and waste-heat recovery.  
VICEM CEO Bùi Hồng Minh commented: “The cement sector is a complex industry with significant environmental footprint. To improve, it can adopt scientific solutions and technologies from other industries. At the same time, a the cement sector focussed on sustainable development can positively impact other industries as well. VICEM and FLSmidth are enterprises with significant experiences and expertise, and share a joint vision to research and pioneer innovations to create the next generation's technology for more sustainable production in the cement industry."

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