Zoomlion concrete machinery enters the European market

Zoomlion has launched its first full range of truck-mounted concrete pumps in Europe. The launch comes after the Zoomlion Group successfully introduced its cranes, forklifts and aerial work platforms to European customers.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / January 15, 2021
By Guy Woodford
Zoomlion is introducing its full range of truck-mounted concrete pumps to European customers via CIFA

By directly offering Zoomlion branded concrete machinery, the China-based group aims to spread the word about the reliability of its pumps in Europe too, a highly diversified market in terms of operational requirements, technical specifications and types of applications.

By providing a range of heavy-duty pumps that are long-lasting, ready in stock, and mounted on premium brand trucks, Zoomlion aims to respond to the needs of clients searching for a basic product, easy to use in terms of machinery configuration and management.

Zoomlion concrete pumps are designed and built to withstand all kinds of job site applications; their immense simplicity means they are ready to be operated, even by less expert operators.

There are four available models within the range: 36 and 40 metres with a five-section boom, 49 and 56 metres with a six-section boom. The 36- and 40-metre pumps are open loop, whereas the 49- and 56-metre ones are closed loop. All models are equipped with stability control and can be fitted onto all types of European truck.

Zoomlion pumps have been available in all European countries since early January 2021.

The products are being distributed by Zoomlion-owned CIFA, based in Senago, near Milian, Italy.

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