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Continental unveils ContiConnect

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
May June 2018
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Global tyre manufacturer Continental has launched ContiConnect, its new remote digital tyre-monitoring platform for commercial fleets.

The solution is initially being made available in Malaysia, Thailand, United States and Canada. More markets in Europe and Asia will follow later in 2018 and 2019. The system is said to help fleets to maximise their efficiency, and it sends alerts if tyre pressure deviates from a defined value. By providing this information the fleet benefits from a reduced number of breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and value generated by increasing the vehicle’s uptime.

ContiConnect consists of different components that can be combined in multiple ways.

A tyre sensor, mounted on the inner liner of a tyre, connects the vehicle’s tyres with the outside world, while a yard reader station is the connecting component between the tyre sensor and Continental’s backend.

It reads the data off the sensors as the vehicle passes by the receiver in the yard and sends the data to the backend where it is analysed and interpreted.

A web browser-based portal is the interface where fleet managers can proactively monitor and track the tyre condition and performance of all vehicles within their fleet. The ContiConnect solution notifies fleet managers via e-mail or SMS and suggests corrective measures where necessary.

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