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27 November 2018

Marini’s full recycling technology package

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
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Marini is unveiling its advanced full recycling technology (FRT) mixing plant, which is said to meet customer needs for advanced asphalt recycling systems. In addition the firm has new asphalt plant developments, with one aimed at high output and the other designed for mobility.

Designed to comply with the latest requirements on the use of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) in key construction markets, the firm says that the FRT integrates an environmentally-friendly approach with an innovative mechanical structure and the latest industrial design.

According to Marini the machine offers a new concept for recycling duties. The firm says that this solution offers lower operating and materials costs than previous generation equipment for materials recycling applications, improving overall cost-efficiency for the customer.

Features of the FRT unit include easy daily maintenance due to anti-clogging features, a high RAP input percentage and a special design that reduces its total height. The FRT features a 6tonne capacity, high efficiency mixer and can deliver from 320-360tonnes/hour, with a RAP rate of 55% for each 6tonne batch for example.

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Marini's new FRT system offers advanced asphalt recycling capabilities

Also being introduced is the highly productive MAT440 (5500 type) asphalt plant. This machine is aimed at use with large contractors and is said to offer a huge production capacity, reaching 440tonnes/hour. The firm says that the plant suits duties for highway projects that require large supplies of high quality material as well as special municipal projects.

Features for the MAT440 include a bigger filter surface that reduces dust emissions, a 6tonne capacity, high efficiency mixer and options that include foaming, cold recycling and hot recycling technologies.

Both the FRT system and MAT 440 plant have received strong interest from the market according to Marini feedbacks since their inaugurations, and have achieved the highest market share in their respective sectors.

In addition, the firm is also introducing its super mobile mixing plant XPRESS 2500 P. This wheeled plant is designed to be quick to disassemble and easy to transport in a limited number of loads. The highly mobile plant also offers quick installation and commissioning and its versatility is further expanded by the option of adding recycling modules. According to the firm, this plant offers versatility and mobility for a wide array of customer needs in a range of road projects.

Its features include a production capacity of up to 200tonnes/hour, commissioning in 3-5 days and an optional hydraulic installation system. Other options include cold recycling, fibre and foam bitumen systems.

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