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24 August 2017

EPC-UK emphasises innovation & safety vision with new Atlas Copco drill rig

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Atlas Copco FlexiROC
The Atlas Copco FlexiROC D55 drill rig acquired by EPC-UK
EPC-UK, a leader in the manufacture, storage, and distribution of commercial explosives, and drilling and blasting services, has announced further investment in its drilling capabilities by the acquisition of a cutting-edge Atlas Copco drill rig.

The FlexiROC D55 rig has been selected by EPC-UK due to its impressive ability to provide high performance in both quarry and mine environments.
With its ability to deliver in terms of economy and productivity, the technologically advanced drill rig meets without compromise, EPC-UK’s high standards for innovation and safety.

Ian Davies, general manager at EPC-UK, explains: “We consider ourselves to be specialists within the drilling and blasting sector, and we have a competent team with the knowledge to select and utilise the most innovative, efficient and safe solutions wherever we operate.

Successfully working within the hazardous explosives, chemical, civil, quarry and mining sectors, a culture of operational health and safety has long been considered central and fundamental to every aspect of EPC-UK’s work.

The company prides itself on being registered with LRQA and assessed against the Occupational Health & Safety Management Standard OHSAS 18001, and constantly conducts internal audits across all its operations to certify safety.

“We perform modern blasting procedures with meticulous skill and expertise, and place considerable focus on our customers' specific requirements,” Ian adds.

“To consistently achieve our exacting standards, we only invest in the most suitable, efficient equipment.  We selected the Atlas Copco FlexiROC D55 rig after careful research and consideration, and believe the equipment’s extensive capabilities; which allow it to drill 4”-5” diameter holes into limestone and aggregate quarries, and perform within surface mining and construction operations to depths of up to 40 meters, will effectively meet our expectations.”

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Daryl Comey, driller for EPC-UK
From left to right - Daryl Comey, driller for EPC-UK; John Mellor, rig manager for EPC-UK; Mark Arnold, Atlas Copco
The FlexiROC D55 rig drills at 30 Bar @ 729 CFM and has been designed to deliver a 20 percent faster penetration rate compared to a 25 Bar drill rig, thus providing greater fuel efficiency and consequently, more cost-effective results.

“With its compact blueprint, it’s an easily transportable machine, designed with safety and innovation as paramount, “Ian continues.

The innovation he refers to relates to the rig’s robust aluminium feed system, which is strong, powerful and capable of impressive levels of productivity.

When in use, the aluminum feed profile enables harmful vibrations to be reduced to a minimum; achieving optimum transmission of each percussive blow to fresh rock.  Air isn’t wasted and as a result, drilling production increases.

The drill rig is also technologically advanced, and features an integral GPS compass and real-time connectivity.

It has been equipped with both Down the Hole technology to deliver straight, smooth holes; and robust compressors to effectively allow large quantities of air to flow through, keeping airways clean even in the most extreme conditions.

The drill rig’s technology has impressed John Mellor (Rig Manager) but so too has its safety features: The noise-reducing cabin with HEPA filtered air conditioning is ROPS and FOPS approved and features a seat sensor interlock system, designed to prevent the rig from functioning without an operator at the helm.

“At EPC-UK, safety and productivity sit alongside one another as our key deliverables to clients - a mindset we believe is matched with that of Atlas Copco.

“The company has proved itself to be an excellent supplier; reliable, informed and equipped with superb customer back-up and a fast parts-delivery service.It’s a firm that believes in the benefits of constantly reinvesting in new technologies and education, which has impressed us considerably.”

John confirms that the new Atlas Copco drill rig is now successfully up and running, proving its capabilities and logistical advantages at various customer sites.

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