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27 November 2018

Soilmec’s latest advanced piling machine

First published27/11/2018
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Soilmec has developed new technology for its new generation of piling equipment. Now being unveiled, the latest version of the SC135 piling rig benefits from advanced electronics and hydraulics.

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The new systems are said to give the operator a finer degree of control during working for more precise, accurate and effective piling work.The new variant is said to deliver a higher degree of accuracy and quality as a result of its employment of the latest technology. Contractors are able to utilise the latest machine control systems to ensure that piles are placed precisely according to specification. This latest variant of the SC135 is already being used in China for the construction of the new metro project in Wantzon. The machine is also being used by a contractor in France for further development of the Paris metro network.

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