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Drilling development

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 November December
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Atlas Copco drilling in to the ground
The ROC L630 is one of the latest additions to the Atlas Copco range
Atlas Copco continues to develop its comprehensive range of drilling solutions in the shape of its latest down-the-hole (DTH) rigs as well as adding new compact rigs and new consumables to the line-up.

The firm's latest Roc L630 DTH rig benefits from a new feed as well as improved cooling. The new aluminium feed is said to improve hole straightness and quality. It also allows the machine to be made ready for transport more quickly and easily, while the rig also features an upgraded cab with more space than before. Most importantly for a drilling rig, its penetration rate is said to be high as the machine is fitted with the latest powerful 30bar Atlas Copco compressor. Compared with DTH rigs equipped with 25bar compressors, this drill is said to offer 20-25% higher productivity as well as a 45m maximum hole depth and 92-152mm hole diameters.

At the compact end of Atlas Copco's drill range is the recently upgraded T15, a wheeled rig that weighs in at 2.5tonnes. This machine can be fitted with the compact but powerful COP 1019HF drifter as well as the proven COP 1022 and COP 1028 drills. Because of its light weight it can be loaded onto a small trailer for transport and yet can be used to drill holes from 22-45mm in diameter while offering a coverage of 18m2.

In terms of consumables Atlas Copco has a new, long life TD40 DTH tool that can cope with pressure of up to 35bars and is offered in diameters from 110-130mm. For the tophammer drilling market the firm is also offering the T60 ThunderRod, which can be used with the most powerful rockdrills on the market for bench drilling applications and for hole diameters from 102-152mm.

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