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Futuristic drill design

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
January February 2011
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CAD model of ROCX1
ROCX1 is Atlas Copco's view of the drilling equipment of the future
Atlas Copco used the Shanghai World Expo as a platform to look at what the drilling rigs of the future may look like with the display of the ROC X1. According to the company, the concept delivers greatly increased productivity, high mobility, silenced operation and environmental friendliness.

The machine was displayed as part of Sweden's national contribution to the expo and the country's area had the theme of 'The Spirit of Innovation'.

Atlas Copco Sufrace Drilling Equipment regional business development manager Mårthen Elgenklöw said, "This is in line with what modern societies will expect from pro-active suppliers in a not too distant future - the ability to be productive, at lengthy hours and in close proximity to urban areas."

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