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New tube system and tailored rock drilling tools

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2011 November December
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GT60 Tube system
Sandvik offers its new GT60 tube system.
Sandvik has developed a new GT60 tube system and a range of tailored rock drilling tools to ensure that the potential of the drill rig is maximised.

The latest Sandvik developments have been seen with a new range of Uniface drill bits that have been designed to work in conjunction with the GT60 tube system, and the driving force for this range is said to be the uneven gauge wear drilling professionals have experienced especially in the drilling of abrasive rock.

The Sandvik GT60 drilling tool and tube system has been designed to optimise the transfer of impact power from leading rock drills such as Sandvik’s DP1100 and DP1500 drill rigs, but is also compatible with the typical piston size and power of other drills possessing similar performance.

At the heart of the system is a new thread design and tailored drill steel dimensions that have been perfectly matched to transform impact power into efficient rock-breaking performance. This efficiency and targeted power is said to contribute to longer service life for the entire drilling system, thus enhancing customer profitability.
In the Uniface design the new bits possess an innovative, patented face design, that combines the former flat face and drop centre to form a single universal design, and it is through the use of the Uniface bits together with the GT60 tube system that unscheduled stoppages are reduced, productivity is increased and bit costs have been reduced, says Sandvik.

Sandvik Uniface bits with ballistic buttons are now available from 51-115mm to suit Sandvik extension rods R32, T35, T38, T45, T51 and GT60.

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