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Quietly does it

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
January February 2008
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Drill rig drilling in rocks
NoiseGuard_Umea: Sandvik;s new NoiseGuard reduces noise emissions by up to 10dB(A)
Noise pollution has become an issue for both construction and quarry sites across Europe. Many equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to minimise the audible impact of their machines and Sandvik is the latest to equip its rigs to tackle the problem.

Sandvik's NoiseGuard muffler system has been developed for surface top hammer drilling applications and the company claims that it significantly reduces the level of drilling noise. The system reduces noise emissions by up to 10dB(A) through use of a specially designed hood and insulation of the rock drill.

The NoiseGuard is designed for use with Sandvik's DX (formerly know as Tamrock Ranger) hydraulic crawler drill rigs, which are capable of drilling holes from 51 to 127mm to 25m depth.

The hood on the NoiseGuard is made from highly durable plastic with thin perforated aluminium plates for insulation, which are designed to block echoes but not absorb moisture. The system is an adaptation of the noise suppression tool offered with Sandvik's Pantera rigs since 1999.

The hood in the Sandvik muffler system covers just the feed so it only weighs 450kg and does not affect the stability of the rig. View from the cabin is maintained because the muffler opens with the help of four cylinders for rod changing and is easy to remove if it is not needed at a particular site.


Manufacturer: Sandvik
Model: NoiseGuard for DX drill rig range
Noise reduction: 10dB(A) Weight: 450kg

Special features: Cylinder assisted opening for rod changing and easy removal

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