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Rockmore’s new ROK 500DH dth hammer

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
May June 2012
Rockmore International has unveiled the ROK 500DH, the the first release in its newly-announced Deep Hole hammer series.

The 5 inch DTH range hammer is said to incorporate many new innovations and features characterised in the Deep Hole class of hammers.

As a 5 inch class hammer, the 500DH is targeted to drill 5.5-6inch (140mm-152mm) diameter holes, and “to increase drilling effectiveness and efficiency in deep hole applications.”

“The ROK 500DH incorporates engineering advancements for drilling in DTH applications such as geothermal, exploration, water well, and in other mining and construction sectors,” says the company.

The hammer is rated for use with large compressors: 24.1 Bar at 25.2m³/min although it can accept greater air volumes and pressures from larger air compressor packages.

A new bit retention system was also developed for the hammer in order to alleviate broken bit heads falling to the bottom of drilled holes when bit shanks fail, and a new bit shank, the DH500, was developed in conjunction with the new retention system, eliminating the need for bit retaining rings present in conventional hammer designs.

“The 500DH, as with all of Rockmore’s DTH hammers use the company’s patented SonicFlow technology, which optimises airflow by simplifying and streamlining the air path to minimise backflow and turbulence, thus delivering more energy to the piston,” says Rockmore.

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