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Sandvik connectivity

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
June 2019
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SMRT now offers connectivity between the SanRemo remote monitoring system for Sandvik surface drilling equipment and Infrakit Cloud. Pictured is a Sandvik Ranger DXi series surface drill rig

Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology has introduced connectivity between the SanRemo remote monitoring system for Sandvik surface drilling equipment and Infrakit Cloud, a solution for connecting work machinery, field equipment and personnel on a single platform for more efficient construction, better quality, real-time accessibility of project data and cost savings.

The new solution creates a flow of communication between Sandvik drilling equipment, the SanRemo information management system and Infrakit Cloud. This way the process data generated by onboard automation and TIM3D drill navigation systems can be easily shared with contractors’ and civil engineering companies’ other systems. Thanks to this new solution, data only needs to be uploaded once from the rig, after which it is automatically shared into the Infrakit Cloud. This allows the data to be shared with as many other systems and users as necessary, eliminating the need for multiple uploads or manual transfers of data.

A major benefit is the ability to share project data with all the relevant systems and parties: design engineers, drill planners, drill operators, production managers, clients’ supervisors, to name a few. Everyone can also easily access the information they need on-site, eliminating the use of USB drives and issues with multiple file versions. All the necessary data is available in the cloud, everywhere and at all times. The cloud storage also serves as a permanent archive for any future use.

Data generation on the drill rig is built on the Sandvik TIM3D drill navigation system. TIM3D allows pre-designed drill plans and surface models to be uploaded onto the drill rig, and even to be created or edited on the rig (TIM3D availability and features depend on the rig model). During and after drilling, the rig stores as-drilled information, driller’s notes, and measurement while drilling (MWD) data for reporting, quality control and downstream process planning.

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