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2008 September October
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Atlas Copco MB 1500 drilling into rocks
Atlas Copco used September's Steinexpo in Germany to unveil the latest addition to its breaker range - the MB 1500 - which the company says features a simple design to deliver maximum power.

According to Atlas Copco, during the development phase of the MB 1500 the Essen-based designers rejected everything that was not needed and came up with a straightforward product requiring practically no maintenance. The breaker operates without a high-pressure accumulator, substantially reducing the number of moving components.

The design features StartSelect allowing the start-up and shutdown behaviour of the breaker to be adapted to the specific application characteristics. The company also claims that the AutoControl ensures maximum percussion power under all operating conditions.

The MB 1500 has a single-blow energy rating of 3000Joules, according to the AEM's system, and also features energy recovery to improve efficiency. The 1.5tonne unit fills the gap between Atlas Copco's 1.2tonne MB 1200 and 1.7tonne MB 1700 and is designed for use with carriers in the 17 to 29tonne weight class.

The company has said that the breaker features a robust and sturdy design which makes it suitable for demolition, trenching and quarrying applications.

"Power, reliability and low maintenance expenditure were the benchmarks for the designers who developed the MB 1500. A product has evolved which is distinguished by its versatile application, its slim design and its extremely high efficiency," said Atlas Copco product line manager for medium and heavy breakers Torsten Treger.


Atlas Copco Model: MB 1500 hydraulic breaker
Carrier class: 17 to 29tonnes Operating weight: 1.5tonnes Oil flow: 120-155litres/min Working tool diameter: 135mm Working tool length: 630mm

Special features: StartSelect for application specific operation; Energy recovery; Low maintenance

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