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PERI’s bonnie bonnie road project in Loch Lomond

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
March April 2015
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PERI’s VK-P platforms from the firm’s VARIOKIT
PERI's VK-P platforms from the firm's VARIOKIT product range enabled M & L Contracts to deliver a new landscape sensitive road structure on the shores of Loch Lomond in west central Scotland
PERI partnered with M & L Contracts Ltd to help restore the harmony of traffic flow along the shores of the beautiful Loch Lomond, in west central Scotland, immortalised by the famous Scottish folk song about its ‘bonnie bonnie banks’. Guy Woodford reports

The A82 at Pulpit Rock winds along one side of Loch Lomond and is currently undergoing major reconstruction work to improve traffic flow that has, for many years, been hindered due to a major landslide which blocked one lane of the original road width. Frequently plagued by subsequent rock-falls, with the road width greatly reduced by this disaster, traffic congestion became an everyday stress factor along this route.

The solution to these problems was the construction of a new road lane. However, due to the road restrictions the only option was to construct the new lane out over the banks of the loch, replacing the traffic light controls that have caused lengthy delays.

The new and sleek elevated concrete bridge structure, sweeping along the shore, has posed many construction challenges for sub-contractor and long-standing PERI customer M & L Contracts, who were responsible for forming the reinforced concrete elements of the structure. Partnering with PERI on another major project, special formwork solutions were sought and developed to meet the demands of this structure together with the limited road access to construction work areas.

The solution was found within the PERI VARIOKIT product range, specifically in the VK-P platform system, which provides parapet support and access. VK-P enables cantilevered concrete parapet slabs and up-stands to be supported from the main bridge superstructure and is pre-fabricated before placing on site. Additional challenges were presented by the structure itself including a cross-fall and longitudinal curvature along the road route.

This well-travelled road had to remain open at all times as a single carriageway for everyday traffic and only minimal road closures were permitted during some night-time periods. Overcoming these obstacles, the PERI VK-P system and M & L Contracts expertise delivered the required solution with minimal disruption.
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PERI’s VK-P platforms
PERI detailed, designed and tailored the VK-P platforms so that they could work within the constraints of the roadway, with the equipment prefabricated at a nearby work area beneath the historical Pulpit Rock, renowned for the preaching of the Christian faith in bygone times. PERI’s senior site demonstrator, Paul Gabbitas, was also frequently on site to offer support and supervision, working alongside skilled formwork joiners from M&L Contractors.

As well as supporting the concrete elements under construction, VK-P platforms also permitted construction workers to have ongoing access along the loch side of the structure during the main project phases, ensuring a safe working environment at all times in a difficult and exposed location.

Further and ongoing support service was provided by PERI’s technical design team, based in Glasgow, who primarily developed the formwork design solutions but also provided continued support to the customer with site visits. These site visits ensured that the customer had the con_ dent knowledge and understanding to successfully assemble and install the VK-P platforms efficiently and cost-effectively. Bill McKim, senior sales engineer for PERI, said: “The A82 project has been both a great experience and immense success for PERI and we have relished working once again with our valued customer to deliver another quality piece of work. Both companies understood from the outset the challenges of the project, but were aware of the benefits the new roadway would deliver to this beautiful part of the country. PERI is proud to have been a part of such a great solution.”

M & L Contracts’ project directors Laurence O’Kane & Gary O’Kane said: “The new A82 road structure at Pulpit Rock blends harmoniously within the curving shores of stunning Loch Lomond. This project stands out due to the challenges it presented to us as formwork professionals and it is placed firmly near the top of our best and unusual projects list.”

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