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27 June 2019

Cementos Argos gets patent for high performance concrete

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Argos claims its newly-patented concrete expands the creative options of building designers
Cementos Argos has been granted a patent for the formulation and method of obtaining ultra-high concrete performance or advanced concrete.

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce in Colombia granted the patent of invention until 2035.

Cementos Argos, the cement operation of Grupo Argos, says the advanced concrete has greater mechanical resistance (compression, direct traction and bending), offering greater resistance to attacks by chemicals and having high fluidity in a plastic state. These properties are claimed to increase the useful life of projects and reduce their maintenance costs, build lighter structures with a better structural behaviour, produce forms of greater complexity and expand the creative options of designers and architects.

Daniel Duque, manager of research and development at Argos, says: "This concrete has a resistance seven times higher than that of conventional concrete, which gives it advantages of high strength and durability, outstanding seismic performance and versatility. This patent is the result of perseverance and teamwork to continue to consolidate as a company that is committed to innovation and that is concerned with providing extraordinary solutions to its customers."

Argos claims that the new patented method provides excellent performance in aspects such as strength and compression, and also enables building with much thinner sections, reduces work execution times and provides greater durability due to the zero porosity of the material.

The company adds that its physical characteristics enable the concrete to be used to replace materials such as steel, generating savings in time and money for builders.

The new material was used for the first time in Latin America at Eafit University in Medellin, Colombia to build the pedestrian walkway connecting the university's language centre with the main campus.

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