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16 August 2018

ELKON supplies concrete plant for Lebanon dam project

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
Turkey-based ELKON is providing the concrete batching plant for the huge Jannah Dam Biblos project in Lebanon.

Brazilian company Andrade Gutierrez, in cooperation longstanding partner ELKON, is constructing the huge dam which has 38million cubic metres (m3) of water storage capacity.

The Jannah Dam Biblos is located on the Nahr Ibrahim River, about 30km north of Beirut, and was designed as an arched gravity dam providing the supply of water supply in Beirut and surrounding areas.

The design and production capabilities of ELKON's specially adapted ELKOMIX-200200 concrete batching plant will produce a total of 1.3mn m3 of concrete for the project.

The concrete plant comprises 4x50 m3 aggregate bins and double ELKON twin shaft mixers with 7500/5000 l capacity designed for RCC production, and has an RCC (roller compacted concrete) production capacity of 400 m3 of concrete in an hour. ELKON says the RCC twin shaft mixers are specially designed for the project. They contain many modifications for full efficient mixing of RCC dam concrete, which is a challenging mixture, and have special mixing paddles and arm design.

There are 4 separated aggregate weighing conveyors under 4x50 m3 capacity aggregate bins, where aggregate weighing is done simultaneously for both mixers. Like aggregate weighing, cement, water and additive weighing can also be done independently for both mixers.

Because weighing and transferring can be performed independently for both mixers, two different types of concrete can be produced in different prescriptions with these two mixers, completely different in weighing and mixing times. Alternately, if any of the mixers stops for maintenance and cleaning, the concrete production can continue uninterrupted from the other one.

The project requires that the aggregate material is supplied directly by the pre-feeding system conveyor from the crushing screening plant into the concrete plant with the help of the shuttle-type aggregate pre-feeding system. The aggregate pre-feeding system also has a 5 m3 capacity aggregate bins bunker so that the material feeding can continue without interruption when the crushing plant is in maintenance or not in operation.

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