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25 May 2018

New Ammann CBS 105 Elba concrete mixing plant for GTP in Hauts-de-France

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GTP's new Ammann CBS 105 Elba concrete mixing plant
A French family-owned recycling company is successfully diversifying its business activities following the successful installation of an Ammann CBS 105 Elba concrete mixing plant.

Independently owned and managed by the Pruvo brothers at Cauchy-à-la-Tour near Béthune in the Hauts-de-France region, GTP is housed in a former brickworks. The firm specialise in recycling various materials with a particular focus on road residues, but the Pruvos recently decided to diversify into ready-mixed concrete and the production of treated gravel in order to satisfy local demand, and also meet its own production requirements.

The brothers’ performance specifications were clear. They wanted a high-quality stationary plant with capacity for expansion. It also had to offer a variety of technical options as well as short delivery periods.

Following an invitation to tender, GTP narrowed its choice down to Ammann’s concrete mixing plants. The CBS 105 Elba plant was selected on account of its modular concept which allows adaptation of its components. Arnaud Pruvo, president of GTP, said: “We chose Ammann because their sales department is so responsive and their after-sales service is of such high quality. Amman knew how to listen to our requirements.”

Designed to ensure production of standard concrete at 105m³/h, mixed in 30 seconds, this plant is currently equipped with four 80m³ aggregate storage silos. In order to expand the installation, the siting study envisages an additional aggregate silo in the near future to provide 100m³ in total, as well as a fourth 60-tonne binder silo. These aggregates are transferred to the horizontal-shaft mixer (volume: 2m³) via a skip. The mixing scaffolding is entirely galvanised to provide high-grade protection against corrosion. Very little maintenance work is required for the plant and in particular the mixer: its trough shielding is fitted without screws, so servicing work is kept to the minimum.

The Ammann as1 automatic control system provides production support and follow-through. “The as1 is an effective cornerstone of our efforts to ensure quality. This technology collects and processes data and key indicators that enable us to offer our customers reliable production while optimising consumption of raw materials and energy.

“For individual customers and multinationals alike, our plant is ready to provide a vast number of formulas for all types of use, ranging from standard concrete to technical concrete varieties and the new decorative concretes,” Arnaud Pruvo concludes.

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