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14 March 2012

Titan Cement to invest around €100mn in production plants

First published on www.AggBusiness.com
Titan Cement is investing €100million towards the upgrade of its production facilities in order to increase its capacity for thermal utilisation of secondary fuels.

The Greek firm is said to already have the infrastructure to use secondary fuels at its production facility in Kamari Viotias, while it is in the licensing process for its plants in Thessaloniki and Patra.

Titan has ten years' experience in using secondary fuels, such as dried sludge, at its treatment plant in Psitalia. In 2011, The company has thermally recovered about 20,000tonnes of secondary fuel, with a substitution of conventional fossil fuels of about 7%.

The business is an active member of the initiative for sustainable development in cement (CSI), undertaking specific commitments on issues such as climate change, staff health and safety, greenhouse gases and the use of secondary fuels.

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