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23 May 2019

HAVER IBAU India becomes HAVER & BOECKER India to reflect broader business scope

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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The HAVER & BOECKER India team

HAVER & BOECKER India is the new name of the German quarrying plant company’s Indian subsidiary, previously known as HAVER IBAU India.

In 2008, HAVER IBAU India started trading as a 100% subsidiary of HAVER & BOECKER’s machinery division (Germany) and its daughter company IBAU HAMBURG (Germany). “Our initial focus was the Indian cement industry, and this we wanted to show also in the name. With HAVER & BOECKER and IBAU HAMBURG we combined the names of the two leading companies in the field of (un-)loading, storing, mixing, transporting, weighing and filling all types of bulk materials.” explains Dr. Fabian Festge, former managing director of HAVER IBAU India until 2013 and now general manager of HAVER & BOECKER.

While the cement industry still plays a key role in the company’s present and future, more and more Indian customers in the building materials, chemicals and food industries are approaching HAVER & BOECKER in search of automation and high-end technologies. The name change to HAVER & BOECKER India symbolizes the organisations motivation to fill the demands of all of its customers, being the local gateway to all Indian customers for every solution offered by the German premium technology manufacturer.

“Our goal is to offer the complete machine division line of HAVER & BOECKER products and services in India,” says Norbert Wirth, managing director of HAVER & BOECKER India since January 2018. This portfolio includes:

•             HAVER & BOECKER Niagara being the synonymous for premium screening, washing and pelletising equipment.
•             IBAU HAMBURG specialised in bulk loading, material handling and storage equipment for many land and marine applications.
•             HAVER & BOECKER focusing on packing technology such as stationary and rotating packing solutions for any kind of flexible packaging.
•             Behn + Bates highly recognised for its bag packaging systems specifically designed for food and animal feed filling applications.
•             Feige FILLING Technology producing turnkey systems for filling liquid and pasty products into drums, pails, cans and IBCs (intermediate bulk containers).
•             NEWTEC Bag Palletising creating innovative solutions for palletising bagged products.

The sales, engineering, service and assembly team at its facility in the city of Vadodara in Gujarat state, western India, offers the best possibilities to offer its customers all services reaching from supply over manufacturing and installation to maintenance and customer training.

Beginning a new era in the activities of HAVER & BOECKER’s machinery division in India, HAVER & BOECKER’s wire weaving division continues its activities through HAVER STANDARD India, a since 1988 well established joint venture between Standard Wire Products Group and HAVER & BOECKER.

“When you buy HAVER & BOECKER technology anywhere in the world, you can be assured that you are receiving the worldwide recognised HAVER performance and quality, resulting from attention to detail, careful component selection and customized solutions; regardless of your industry or region” concludes Norbert Wirth.

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