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Boxed benefits

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 November December
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Rockster Screening box attachment
Rockster claims that its new screening box offers customers significant benefits
Austrian-based crusher manufacturer Rockster claims that its new screening box represents a new opportunity for customers to boost production. Previously the company had solely targeted the mobile crushing equipment sector but is now broadening its horizons into screening as well.

The screening box comes as an additional unit to the firm's now proven mobile crusher, itself a fairly recent introduction. Using the return belt on the 10tonne screenbox allows the customer to achieve a 100% final product size, without need for further screening using a separate plant.

Highly versatile, this relatively compact 27.5tonne mobile machine is available in what the firm describes as a duplex system, allowing the user to switch from jaw crushing to impact crushing layout. The jaw unit can be removed comparatively quickly using lifting equipment and replaced by the impactor, or vice versa, to suit different applications. This layout is also said to reduce purchase costs for the customer, who is able to buy a single base unit comprising chassis, engine and drive along with the separate impactor and jaw crushing modules.

A number of features of the Rockster mobile crushing system are protected by patents and the firm hopes to develop a strong position in the recycling and aggregate sectors with this technology. Wolfgang Kormann, managing director of Rockster said, "Demand for recycling equipment is growing because it is difficult to get permission now for quarrying. With this you can switch from a jaw to an impact crusher and do different applications with one machine." Kormann added that the machine can be used for recycling both aggregate and concrete, while a magnet is available to separate rebar and other tramp metals from the crushing stream. The two machines allow the customer to produce three product sizes, 0-8mm, 8-16mm and 16-32mm, using different discharge points. Productivity varies depending on the application and material, with a maximum input of up to 200tonnes/hour when producing a 32mm sized material although Kormann added that the inherent stickiness of asphalt tends to result in a lower throughput in a recycling operation than for concrete.


Manufacturer: Rockster
Model: Screening box attachment
Operating weight: 10tonnes Capacity: 200 tonnes per hour Size ranges: 0-8mm, 8-16mm and 16-32mm

Special features: Fits onto Rockster's 27.5tonne mobile jaw or impact crusher; magnet for separating rebar and tramp metal; no need for further screening

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